6 Los Angeles Slang Words and Phrases You Need to Know

Slay queen, slay.

1. Like

"Like, today I went to the mall, and, like, Nordstrom Rack had, like, sooo many good deals for the, like, Clear the Rack Sale!"

facebook like thumb blue

2. Yaaaaaaaaaaaas


yasss girl funny

3. v

"Wow oh my God, your Birks are v cute!!!"

black letter v

4. Bro

"What's good bro? Been a minute, wanna get some In-N-Out?"

bro typography white black background

5. Dude

"DUDEEEEEEE yeah let's go to LACMA!!!"

dude speech bubble red comics

6. Bail

"Yeah, man I think I'm gonna bail on your party...Sorry bro."

bail red stamp word


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