The Best Boba Milk Tea in Arcadia


Boba is single-handedly the best beverage in all of America—no, even the world. It just so happens Arcadia, California in the SGV is a haven for boba.

Guest writer: "H"

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A resident of Arcadia, CA, H is boba's #1 fan and drinks it more than probably healthy.

Hey you—you who are handing your life to an unidentified local self-acclaimed boba expert. You who can’t decide, combing through piles of Yelp reviews of people complaining about their day. Look no further.

I will start this series off with a place I haunt all too much: Arcadia!

The land of the peacocks (literally strutting along the streets), Arcadia is an integral part of the San Gabriel Valley—integral in boba shops and all other fine Asian dining experiences, that is.

SO, LET’S GET POPPIN’. Get it. Because bubble tea. Bubbles. Pop. Alright.


half and half boba cups

Half refreshing, half explosion-in-your-mouth awesome. Come here only if you want to get the best boba in town. They are the original hot honey boba shop. That’s right: they were the first to put piping balls of sweet chewy greatness into their drinks. Just try their #1 drink, the boba milk tea with pudding. That fiery boba clashing with the icy milk tea, intertwined in an epic battle for flavor supremacy—an experience that you will regret passing up!

2. AU79

au79 boba milk tea cup

Yes, 79 is the atomic number for Au. Yes, Au is the abbreviation for gold. Now that we are on the same page, let’s just say gold ain’t bling bling for boba, if you catch my drift. No? Fine, it’s pretty pricey, okay? That’s all I’m saying. Like Au be lit all day, all night, and their drinks are fire fosho, like I enjoy a good cup of oolong milk tea with boba (50% sugar like keep yo diabetes in check, bro), but out of all the boba places in town, there's definitely a premium on gold. Their food is also good too, which makes this place a popular spot to catch up with some friends, eat lunch, or get yo’ study game on.


nest teahouse milk tea cup

Fairly new addition to the boba scene in Arcadia. I’ve heard they used to own Tea Bay out in San Gabriel. Guess Arcadia is the place to be at. Anyway, this place be HYPED up. Like I think their drinks are alright. No offense Nest, but new and hip ain’t always better. However, I’ve had their sea salt black tea, hokkaido black tea, ice cream milk tea—like you name it and I probably haven’t had it since those three are the only ones I’ve had. But yes, come here for that cream ‘stache with your boba teas.


tea bar starry milk tea cup

Rose grapefruit green tea, okay. Trust. Another fan favorite is the watermelon green tea. If you like your fruity teas, this is the place to be. They use real fruit for their drinks! Wow! This ain’t your syrup extravaganza at Tpumps (sorry, called out). There are a few booths with outlets to have study dates at—if you can snag them. Food is decent, but the real winner is the decor. They always put so much effort into decorating for the season. Definitely come for the upside down Christmas tree during the Holidays!

Honorable mention: Coco. (You honestly don’t need publicity though you international beast). I like their sago milk tea. What’s sago you ask? Like tiny bobas.

If you didn’t make this list—yes I’m talking to you Honey Boba on Duarte and Santa Anita—then you probably just need to step your game up. No offense, like I’m sure you’d make it big in Ruralville, Kansas, but don’t kid yourself with the big leagues.


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