Los Feliz / Silverlake Hidden Architecture Gem: Shakespeare Bridge

Shakespeare Bridge is a cute little bridge named after William Shakespeare that is a surefire hidden gem.

Shakespeare bridge los feliz los angeles dtla california

Shakespeare Bridge” by PunkToad is licensed under CC BY ND-2.0.


Want a cool little hidden gem of LA that not many people know about?

Shakespeare Bridge, named after the awesome man who wrote Romeo and Juliet and many more!

william shakespeare portrait painted

So what makes this bridge special?

Well, it looks cool! Quaint! Romantic! It's a little bridge in the middle of busy LA, and it's worth checking out.

Built all the way back in 1926, the Shakespeare Bridge is made of concrete and built in the gothic style. In 1974, it gained Historical Cultural Monument status by the city of Los Angeles.

It is very peaceful and a fantastic location for photography and photo ops. It has a great backdrop!

crossing the shakespeare bridge dtla silverlake los angeles

Crossing the Shakespeare Bridge” by PunkToad is licensed under CC BY ND-2.0.

If you're looking to spend a whole day here, then don't. It's very small and is better suited for a cute little stop. Instead, it's nice for a few pictures and maybe a brisk jog across and back. Or maybe you can stand at the edge and recite a soliloquy. The point is that there are many ways to enjoy this beautiful bridge. Not sure what else to say--after all, as Shakespeare famously wrote, "Brevity is the soul of wit."