The Best UCLA Spring Sing Videos of All Time

UCLA Spring Sing is a Bruin tradition over 70 years old and is known for its talented singers and musicians, but the video skits shown as just as worth the price of admission.

ucla spring sing 2012 crew

The videos provide a unique look at the culture and humor behind UCLA that can only come from enjoying (and suffering) through years as a Bruin, and the crowd reaction is one of the best parts of Spring Sing as a whole.

Stuff in LA broke down the best Company—the group behind the videos—skits of all time in no particular order.

1. The Quarter System Rap (2016)

Most students at UCLA would probably agree that the quarter system is simultaneously the best thing ever and the worst thing ever, and this video breaks it down pretty well. Bonus points for the overly enthusiastic tour guides.

2. Club B-Cafe (2011)

One of the most legendary and catchy songs to ever come out of UCLA, Club B-Caf is a complete ode to the finest quick-service stop on campus: Bruin Cafe. Warning: chorus will stay stuck in your head all day.

3. MTV Cribs: College Edition (2013)

The hype in this video is downright contagious, and the attention to detail in parodying MTV Cribs is impressive. Whether you love or hate the dorms, you'll probably relate in some way.

4. Long Distance (2016)

A touching tale about a subject common for many students: long distance. In a very creative and artistically challenge silent film format, this video knocks it out of the park with humor as well as a touch of poignancy.

5. NOW 1919 (2013)

If you listened to the radio in 2013, chances are you'll recognize some of the songs here. The cinematography on this one is also pretty impressive.

6. I Can't Even Deal (2015)

A classic in terms of ridiculousness and overdramatic acting, I Can't Even Deal is an ode—or maybe a lamentation—of the many of the common annoyances Bruins face in their lives.

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