Hip and Happening Shopping at 3rd Street Promenade in West LA: Santa Monica, Blocks from the Beach

Outdoor shopping area just blocks from the beach in Santa Monica with fountains, street performers, food, bars, and more.

By Shopping Syndra

third street promenade santa monica west la
"Third Street Promenade" by daryl_mitchell, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link

For window shopping, Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica is an absolute mecca in this sense.

Sure, the retail stores here (click here for a full listing--they include Gap, Superdry, Apple, Tesla, REI, Adidas, and more) are fantastic and range in affordability, but the whole SCENE is something in itself to take in.

I mean, you got street performers, tons of places to look at, and even dinosaur plants!

Yes, dinosaur plants! Need we say more?

Overall, Third Street Promenade is an absolute must for any LA visitor, resident, and window (whatever one we're talking about) shopper. It's a great spot to take the kids, the date, the family, the...anyone! Don't miss it.