6 Best Study Spots in Westwood You Should Try Out

We don't like studying as much as the next person, but you have to admit it's kind of necessary.

dog studying with a book with glasses

1. ISO Fusion Cafe

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ISO has free wi-fi and both a downstairs and upstairs level with plenty of seating; it's a chill atmosphere and isn't extremely crowded by any means. A bonus is that there's a variety of drinks such as boba milk tea as well as some pretty good Asian fusion food like kimchi fried rice and sushi.

2. Espresso Profeta


A total hidden gem in Westwood that not many people know about. Great hipster/classy vibe to the coffee here, and there are many tables available for a nice Sunday read or an intense chemistry review session.

3. Starbucks

The prototypical study spot in Westwood; main advantage is that it's open super later and has a bunch of outlets. It is a bit crowded--it's Starbucks, after all--so if quiet is your thing, might want to get these:

4. Elysee

You can get some baked goods, some drinks, and light meals here. Has some outlets and a bunch of tables and also, like the others on this list, has free wi-fi.

5. Koala T

A good chill spot to study with delicious boba milk tea and some snacks like popcorn chicken. A bunch of seats, well-lit, and free wi-fi. Koala T is open late too, so perfect for the crammers.

6. Ralph's

Maybe you think we're crazy, but Ralph's in Westwood is one of a kind. There is a new seating area near the Starbucks with multiple tables, and it's well-lit by the sun outside. Ralph's is also open 24 hours, so you can come anytime. The only downside is that wi-fi may not always be available; it doesn't seem like Ralph's has any, but you may get lucky with the Starbucks connection.