The Ritz Paris’ Chef François Perret to stop by Grand Central Market for FREE desserts


LOS ANGELES, CAGrand Central Market is one of DTLA and Los Angeles’s hottest spots for its vibrant atmosphere and choice foods. It’s about to get even more exciting on Thursday, March 14; then, François Perret, Pastry Chef at The Ritz Paris, will be at Grand Central Market for a unique event. All attending guests of the FREE event will discover the Chef’s interpretations of American classic desserts. Check the details below.

ritz paris grand central market desserts
The amazing caliber of The Ritz Paris’desserts you will get to try for FREE.

A Taste of the Ritz Paris in Los Angeles

WHERE: Grand Central Market; 317 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90013

WHAT: professional pastry chef, free tasting, documentary filming

WHEN: Thursday, March 14 from 6 P.M. to 10 P.M.

HOW MUCH: Free to attend!

PARKING: Street parking; parking structure

For the last few weeks, a Ritz Paris food truck has been roaming the streets of Los Angeles. Behind the
wheel — François Perret, the talented Pastry Chef of the Ritz Paris, who, since 2016, has been reinventing
the menu of the Hotel and its Michelin-starred restaurants. Invited here by Eagles team and HK Corp,
for a documentary entitled ‘The Chef in a Truck”, the French Chef has embarked on a journey to discover
the United States’ culinary heritage, a gourmet adventure at the heart of California.

chef François Perret ritz paris los angeles grand central market
Chef François Perret will be in attendance serving his desserts.

On Thursday, March 14th, at 6pm, the Ritz Paris food truck will stop at Grand Central Market for the
climax of the movie: the first ever US tasting of François Perret’s newest creations. The menu will
showcase the unexpected pleasures of sweet and savory tastes, the blending of fruits and vegetables, and
will revisit the great American classics with Chef François Perret’s added sense of whimsy and surprise.

Chef Perret will be giving out complimentary tastings of his interpretation of classic American desserts, as part of the documentary. The menu will showcase sweet and savory tastes, incorporating fruit and vegetable ingredients. Below is the full menu:

  • Donuts (raspberry chocolate and its glass of milk)
  • Honey tacos (pear and yoghurt)
  • Pistachio cookie (yoghurt mousse, pistachio praline, chocolate)
  • Orange fennel salad (oat milk rice pudding, medjool dates, taggiasca olive)

This once in a lifetime occasion is a unique opportunity to meet Chef Perret and discover his
extraordinary culinary creations. Attendees can expect an exciting opportunity to discover a true genius
at work. Note: any and all attendees may appear on camera.

Additional background information

François Perret @francoisperretpatisserie
A native of Bourg-en-Bresse, François Perret made pâtisserie his vocation. He moved to the French
capital to learn his craft at the most prestigious Parisian institutions: Le Meurice, the George V and the
Hôtel Lancaster, where he was appointed Head Pastry Chef. In 2010, he participated in the opening of
the Shangri-La Hotel alongside Chef Philippe Labbé; the two subsequently won two Michelin stars.
François then joined Chef Nicolas Sale at the Ritz Paris. Since the reopening in June 2016, the two have
contributed to the gastronomic renown of the legendary hotel on the Place Vendôme. During the first
year, this inseparable tandem won two Michelin stars for La Table de L’Espadon and one for Les Jardins
de L’Espadon, making the Ritz Paris one of the best dining destinations in the world.

Ritz Paris
Since its opening on June 1,1898, the Ritz Paris has been a symbol of elegance and the understated
luxury of French “art de vivre”. A gathering place for the greats of this world, royalty, artists and writers,
first among them Marcel Proust, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Coco Chanel, the Ritz Paris is a place where
dreams come to life. The Michelin-starred restaurants set a course through high gastronomy while the
Bars invite guests to savor dishes at any hour of the day. The Salon Proust is the place to enjoy a tea
time à la française. And no visit to the Ritz would be complete without stopping by the legendary Bar Hemingway. The Ritz Club with its sumptuous pool and the “CHANEL au Ritz Paris” area elevate well-
being to a form of art.

The Chef in a Truck
What if Chef François Perret got out of his comfort zone, out of his kitchen to meet a new public, in a
new country, with new ingredients? Produced by Eagles team and Hk Corp, and directed by Eric Nebot,
The Chef in a Truck follows François Perret’s journey from his kitchen at the Ritz Paris to an itinerant
food truck in California, where he will have to serve his version of classic American desserts.

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