The Many Foods of Grand Central Market in Downtown LA

A massive food court that verges of hip and urban, Grand Central Market is the perfect place for foodies.

By Foodie Freddie

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You know what's fun? Food!! I mean, my name is Foodie Freddie!

You know what else is fun? A lot of options in one place. It's why malls are fun, it's why "The Bachelor" is fun (I'm not afraid to admit it), and it's why Grand Central Market is fun.


The decor is awesome. There's tons of neon all around and even a wall that you can take a picture with.

dtla grand central market neon wall whiskey frontier


dtla grand central market coffee interior restaurant

Simply put, Grand Central Market is a hip yet historic marketplace-like gathering of restaurants and eateries. Some very popular spots include:


Press Brothers Juicery!

Eggslut AND Press Brothers Juicery! (Sorry, we had to—it's a great combo)

McConnell's Fine Ice Cream!

...and much much more!

So whether you're feeling like egg sandwiches, squeezed juice, ice cream, Chinese food, Mexican food, burgers, sandwiches, beers, wine, or literally anything else, Grand Central Market is the place to be.