Hermosa Beach Pier: Info on Fishing, Photo Ops, and More for this Pretty Pier

the HERMOSA BEACH PIER is pretty straightforward and has "pretty" in its name, so that's cool

By Maximillion

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Y'all remember in Spanish class when you first learn the word hermosa, and then you go on telling your friends like, "Tu eres NOT hermosa" and then laugh, and then your teacher Señor Chang is all like, "Maxmillion, es hermoso! Andie es un hombre." And you're like, "Whatever Señor Chang, let me get my C and get out of here."

Uhh, just me? Okay.

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Anyways, the point of that whole story is that hermoso/a means "pretty" in Spanish. So, Hermosa Beach means "pretty beach". This pier, by extension, is a pier of the pretty beach.

See, Señor Chang? I learned something, and I'm applying it to the real world. You must be so proud.

Spanish lessons aside, the Hermosa Beach Pier is simple, but I like simple. There isn't anything wild on it. It's just a pier you walk up and down, and there are lots of benches you can sit on. If you're looking for a super happening pier, this is pretty much not it -- for that, you'll probably wanna go to the Santa Monica Pier.


6 am to 10 pm. Easy.

The fishing

pier fishing hermosa beach los angeles california

So I'm not a fishing expert. I think I caught a sock once. But I'll do my best.

First of all, no permit required. This is true of pretty much all piers in California.

What can you catch here? The list includes:

  • barred surfperch
  • corbina
  • croaker
  • and more.

I think it depends how far you go out on the pier. I don't know, I don't really sound like I know what I'm saying, do I? Honestly, go read this guy's blog. He's really experienced, and I'm not.

La La Land

La La Land, one of 2018's big Hollywood hits, filmed a scene with Ryan Gosling doing a nifty dance here as he sung "City of Stars" and danced with some man's wife for some reason. Check it out.

How long is the pier?

According to Hermosa Beach's website, it's about 1,140 feet long. Uhhh, yeah, I hope that was useful somehow.

Dogs allowed?

No -- not even on lease.


I...honestly don't know, but I would say probably not.

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Alcohol? Smoking?


Jumping from the pier?

Not allowed.