KC’s Crepes Cafe in Westchester: Japanese-style crepes and drinks

Small quaint cafe in Westchester that serves Japanese-style creeps–both savory and sweet–along with an assortment of drinks like milk tea and boba.

kc's crepes westchester los angeles japanese green tea

It’s easy to root for a small business like KC’s Crepes. First of all, just look at the owner, KC Wakunaga:

I mean, come on!

Not only that, but KC’s Crepes has seriously delicious food and drinks. Let’s go over some of them.


The crepe selection here is expansive. They have crepes both savory and sweet and have tons of set options, so you don’t have to be a master of choosing your own ingredients to get a crepe creation that works. Of course, if you want something a bit different, they can accommodate that as well.

We’ll provide some examples of some of KC’s creations.

Kiwi Special

For the kiwi lovers. The best part of crepes are the interplay of flavors, especially when you put stuff like ice cream in them.

Strawberry mill-fuille

Just a classic go-to. There are plenty of mill-fuille options that also include chocolate, azuki (red bean), nutella, banana, and more.

Birthday cake special

A nostalgic offering, this one will hit it big with lots of kids.

Nutella cream with strawberries, strawberry ice cream, and cornflakes

I mean, can’t go wrong with Nutella.

Mixed berry mill-fuille

Why am I even writing this? I’m hungry, and now I have to go to KC’s Crepes to fix this situation.

Crispy sweet chili chicken with avocado

One of the awesome savory options here at KC’s.

Barbeque beef

Looks simple and awesome. Other savory crepes include ham, turkey, tuna salad, egg and curry, and more.


KC’s has got more than just crepes. They also have a bunch of fun tea and coffee drinks that you can either get along with your crepe order or just on their own. Here are some ideas as to what they have.

Milk tea with boba

Boba is good always. It’s true.

Lychee juice with strawberry popping boba

For those who prefer more fruit-based drinks.

Italian cream soda with vanilla ice cream

Italian soda is awesome, and it’s awesome KC’s Crepes has ’em.

Potted milk tea

Just get in my belly.


Parking here involves a pretty small lot that isn’t the easiest to find parking if everything else is open. Having said that, you can park anywhere on street here (just remember to check the signs as always) and walk inside. There are also some neighborhoods somewhat close by that can be an option, but definitely read signs and of course be respectful of the people living there.