Burton Chase Park in Marina Del Rey is a Waterfront Joy

Nice grassy area near a walking path right by the Marina Del Rey waterfront.

A nice green space for lounging

Burton Chase Park is a great green space for lounging with a picnic or just reading a book and watching the boats on the water.

10 acres big, it includes BBQ grills and tables and is just generally a very pleasant place to be.

As you can see, it’s a space with walkways mixed in with big areas of green. Shade is certainly plentiful.

This terrace is a great place to work out or just lounge, and you can see the beautiful sunset colors that come out in Marina Del Rey.

Sea lions

The park is a great place to see sea lions lounging on the piers.

Aren’t they cute?

“The Helmsman”

“The Helmsman” is a statue here that is a relic from the Helms Bakery on Venice Blvd. in LA, and its home now is in Chase Burton Park after being gifted by the Helms family. It’s a great piece of Los Angeles history.

What’s close by?

Trader Joe’s

First of all, the park is really close to a Trader Joe’s, so we recommend stopping by beforehand to grab something nice to drink or eat and enjoying it at the park.

Waterside, Marina Del Rey

This is an outdoor shopping center, or an open-air outdoor mall, that has a bunch of food establishments and shopping opportunities. It’s got Amazon Books, Havianas, Loft, Paper Source, Ralph’s, The UPS Store, and many more for shopping, and it has California Pizza Kitchen, Chipotle, Mendocino Farms, See’s Candies, and more for food.