Pretty Peacocks and Plants: LA County Arboretum

Peacocks, plants, and photo ops, oh my! Check out the Los Angeles County Arboretum for a really awesome time with gool ol' Mother Nature herself.

By Maximillion

beautiful peacock cherry blossom flowers

Known simply as "The Arboretum", this place is an amazing mecca of nature.

There are tons of gardens here--there's a waterfall, a tule pond, a tropical greenhouse, a perennial garden, a prehistoric forest, and much more.

What is The Arboretum most famous for, though?



That's right--there are TONS of peacocks here. It's so fun to watch them walking around the parking lot, the gardens area, and even perched up in trees. It's so funny; they're really, really loud when they talk to each other, and of course, they are beautiful!

Make sure to stop by The Arboretum any time or simply when there is an event going on; sometimes there are ones at night, and they truly make for a tranquil experience.

So make a day out of the Arboretum! Arcadia is truly a beautiful city, and what better way to walk around a well-manicured garden with tons of photo ops and--again--PEACOCKS!!!