Lax-C: Thai Costco Market in DTLA with authentic ingredients and food

If you want to make Thai food and you’re willing to drive to the Downtown Los Angeles area, then look no further than Lax-C; it’s all that you’ll want.

What is Lax-C?

Lax-C is a Thai emporium or marketplace near DTLA by Chinatown where you can get all kinds of Thai ingredients ranging from fresh veggies to authentic sauces to giant bags of rice. Seriously, if you want some sort of Thai-related food or food item, they probably have it at Lax-C.

It’s in the form of a warehouse, and so playfully a lot of people refer to it as the “Thai Costco”. Costco is a pretty awesome place, so that’s definitely a compliment.

Lax-C’s name is a play on Los Angeles’s LAX International Airport along with Lak Si, one of the 50 districts of Bangkok, Thailand.

You’ll know that you’re in the right place when you see the huge murals on the walls outside.

Do they serve food as well?

Yep! In addition to just having raw ingredients, Lax-C also has an indoor food stall for getting some Thai food on-the-go.

The food is awesome quality and nice and warm; a lot of people come to Lax-C just for the take-out food alone.

It’s almost impossible to not get hungry after looking at all those pictures. The regret writing this article on an empty stomach is palpable.

What are the hours?

Lax-C is open from 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. every day with the exception of Sunday, where they shake it up a little and instead open at 8:30 A.M. Besides that, it’s pretty easy to remember.


It’s not just all about Thai food here; in fact, Lax-C has a bunch of other Thai items, and it’s best captured in its OTOP (which stands for One Tambon One Product) section.

Here, you will find all sorts of awesome imported Thai furniture and products. This ranges from homeware like vases and chairs to miscellaneous items like calendars and, yes, a giant Buddha:

The section is absolutely worth checking out, if for nothing else a good time.

The best sign ever

To end this recap of Lax-C, we would like to share a photo of a sign inside which we consider the best sign ever: