Hidden Exercise in the Neighborhood: Los Feliz Heights Steps

A perfect hidden gem in Los Feliz to get your cardio in.

By Shopping Syndra

los feliz heights stone steps

Where do you go to exercise in LA?

You can go all over! It's actually super fun to jog in nicer areas, but heaven forbid you jog in the more dangerous areas of LA.

Los Feliz Heights Steps is a SUPER HIDDEN GEM in the greater Hollywood and Los Angeles area. It's in a super rich and fancy neighborhood, it seems.

It's a nice little bit of steps that makes you wonder why it's here—and actually, it's extremely culturally significant! Howso, you ask? Well, Stuff in LA prides itself in educating you guys on the great history of Los Angeles, so let's sit down for a little lesson, shall we?

One of our favorite publications, the Los Angeles Times (definitely not failing news), said it as such:

"The steps were built in 1924 by the developer of the Los Feliz Heights subdivision to give home purchasers a shortcut to markets and shops on nearby Vermont Avenue."

Wow, they're pretty old! It's a pretty great relic from the older days of LA that almost seem like fantasy, especially since the state of it presently is as follows:

"These days, though, they are used mostly by residents exercising their dogs--or looking for a cardiovascular workout for themselves by climbing the 463 steps between Cromwell and Glendower avenues."

But hey, evolving is the name of the game. It's important to keep places like this alive—it's one of our favorite Stuff in LA.

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