Oh K-Dog: Korean corn dogs & egg toast at Mitsuwa Food Court in Torrance

Korean corn dogs have been a popular street food in Korea for a while now, and places are slowly starting to pop up around the United States.

The nice golden brown exterior comes from a special batter that’s different than the typical Hot Dog on a Stick corn dogs (although those are delicious in their own right). Inside these Korean corn dogs can be hot dogs, mozzarella cheese, fish cake, and more.

At the Mitsuwa Japanese Market in Torrance, California near the Del Amo mall is a food court with tons of great food options, and one of the latest and greatest is Oh K-Dog, an establishment that specializes in not only these Korean corn dogs but also egg toast sandwiches. We’ll go more into that later.

The food

classic-dog copy.png
Courtesy Oh! K-Dog

If you’re on the fence, then getting the classic never hurts.

Courtesy Oh! K-Dog

If you want a step up from the original, then you can go beef.

Courtesy Oh! K-Dog

Adding cheese is pretty much never a bad idea.

full-mozza dog2.png
Courtesy Oh! K-Dog

This says “dog” but it’s essentially a mozzarella stick inside. This melts pretty great and is nice and stringy so it’s a really solid choice. If you’re vegetarian this is also the way to go.

Courtesy Oh! K-Dog

If you’re indecisive, this is the choice for you as you get the best of both worlds: mozzarella cheese and hot dog.

Courtesy Oh! K-Dog

If you want some visual pop then this one is solid (especially with the bottom splayed out like that. Now that’s just cute). The squid ink doesn’t change the flavor in insane ways, so don’t worry if you’re new to it.

Courtesy Oh! K-Dog

One of the most Instagram-friendly options and also starchy options to really get fuller on.

Courtesy Oh! K-Dog

If you don’t want to mess around with hot dogs but want some potato and cheese goodness, then here you go.

Courtesy Oh! K-Dog

Sweet potato fans, you’re seen.

full-mozza dog.png
Courtesy Oh! K-Dog

Rice cake on the inside is surprisingly good. I’m sure that you could put many things inside, and it would taste good, actually.

Courtesy Oh! K-Dog

Got more than just corn dogs here! The teriyaki egg toast features some creamy egg in between some nicely buttered toasted buns with a hint of teriyaki flavor.

Courtesy Oh! K-Dog

A classic pairing you can’t go wrong with.

eggtoast_pic_NEW copy.png
Courtesy Oh! K-Dog

This seems very fitting for Los Angeles.



Korean corn dogs are special because often sugar coats the outside batter. It makes for a uniquely savory and sweet delight.

Having said that, there are some self-serve condiments that you can put on top of your corn dog. They include ketchup, mustard, cheese mustard, and sweet chili. We recommend putting at least one of these in a squiggly pattern across your corn dog to give it some visual pop and also because it just makes it taste even better in our opinion.


We strongly suggest that you grab either a lemonade slush here or just go to Mitsuwa and buy one of the awesome Japanese teas, coffees, sodas, and other individual drinks available. With a bottle of Ramune or a can of green tea to go with your corn dog, you’re just living life and nothing else really matters. Also, we’re pretty sure most of the places in the food court at Mitsuwa don’t have free cups of water easily available (maybe they do if you ask nicely), so we’ll definitely warn that you should figure out how to hydrate beforehand.


Parking is easy because it’s in a big parking lot for the Mitsuwa Supermarket. It can get a bit crowded especially on weekends, so drive with caution, but you should never really have trouble finding an actual free parking spot.