Love Mural by Ruben Rojas at Days Inn Santa Monica / Los Angeles

We can’t really speak to what the Days Inn by Wyndham at 3007 Santa Monica Blvd in Santa Monica is like to stay at, but it actually has a neat feature that’s worth checking out.

That neat feature is a little refresh they did on their rooftop: a rainbow-colored mural that shows the word “love” over and over again.

Los Angeles is well-known for its countless murals, and in the age of Instagram and other social media, these murals have more reach than ever. 

This particular mural was painted by Ruben Rojas, who describes himself as a “creative artist, muralist, and designer inspiring you to see the world through the lens of love.” 

Rojas is infamous for his love-based murals not only in Los Angeles, but Paris, New York, Florida, and even Mississippi, and his work seeks to “encourage communities to change for the better through optimism and collaboration”.

If you’re looking for some accommodations on a budget (this is a Days Inn, after all) that offers some aesthetics, the Days Inn by Wyndham Santa Monica/Los Angeles–which you can search for online–has some eccentricities in addition to this shiny new mural.

For starters, the colors of the place are really pink and teal, which may be kind of neat in photos.

A note here is that parking is apparently free for guests, but we’re not so sure if you’re just visiting here.

In fact, we’re not even certain if you can go up to the mural if you’re not a guest – but we just wanted to let you know that it exists and can be found. If you have to stay here, then there’s some pretty interesting places around, like Erewhon Market, Blueys Market and Cafe, Roger Dunn Golf Shops, Trader Joe’s, and more.