An Interestingly Distilled Version of Latin-American and Hispanic Culture: Olvera Street in DTLA

The curious culture of Olvera Street, which some claim to be a slightly artificial representation of Mexican and Latin-American culture, has gone on for decades and really showcases an amazing part of DTLA.

By Shopping Syndra

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Los Angeles is beautiful not just because of its sights but also because of its rich history.

What makes it so rich is in its diverse cultural upbringing; immigrants from all over have come into Los Angeles and made it a mecca of melting pots.

Olvera Street shows off the city's rich Hispanic culture; it's an awesome marketplace area with tons of cool little shops and restaurants. It's fun for any tourist or local to just check out what there is to buy and just soak in the atmosphere here.

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You're definitely liable to see fruit stands here, mariachi, and even...DONKEY PHOTOS?

Yes, if you're willing to pay a small price, then you can take a picture with Shrek's main cohort.

There's also TONS of Mexican food here, like churros and tacos and world-famous taquitos.

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To be fair, Olvera definitely can be seen as a bit of a touristy spot, and so if that isn't your jam, then maybe skip Olvera. That said, it's definitely a very unique place that's worth at least one visit if you ever have time.