Our experience at 2022 Haunt O’Ween LA in Woodland Hills

hauntoween la pumpkin tunnel
Photo by Stuff in LA.

Reporting by Tanya; photos by Hanning

Last year, us at Stuff in LA paid a visit to Haunt O’Ween in Woodland Hills at Westfield Topanga & The Village, and we wrote up an article of what to expect

This year, Haunt O’Ween is back and literally bigger than ever; instead of 150,000 square feet, it has grown to 200,000 square feet with three additional sections compared to last year. 

hauntoween la exhibits
Photo by Stuff in LA.

We visited again and got lots of information and pictures to give you a better idea of what to expect before you buy tickets and before you attend.


hauntoween la pumpkin patch
Photo by Stuff in LA.

Westfield Topanga & The Village
6100 Topanga Canyon Blvd.
Woodland Hills, CA 91367

It’s in the parking lot of a very well-frequented Westfield mall. You’ll be able to see it because it’s a very large place, but pop in 6100 Topanga Canyon Blvd. into your GPS app of your choice, and you should be directed right there.

This is an outdoor event, so make sure you’re prepared for whatever weather there is. In other words, bring a jacket if it gets chilly at night!

When you arrive

hauntoween los angeles display
Photo by Stuff in LA.

First of all, you can book tickets online first, which we recommend to really RSVP your spot. However, you can totally buy tickets at the event, but just note that they will shut off sales if they fill up capacity for the night. 

In our experience going on a Sunday night, tickets actually sold out. The line really started picking up after 8pm, eventually leading down the block.

hauntoween los angeles trick or treat
Photo by Stuff in LA.

Once you get in, you’ll might be able to pick up a nice trick-or-treating bucket that’s fantastic for kids and fun for adults as well. 

Then, you’ll have a chance to roam around the various sections, each with a Halloween-themed display.

hauntoween la pumpkin tunnel map
Photo by Haunt O’Ween.

The sections

Each section has its own vibe, music, light show, and even interactive exhibits; for example, we saw face painting, hair spray painting, a rave dance party, a flying broomstick green screen, colorful sugar-filled jar making stations, and more. 

Below, we’ll give a little preview of some stations that caught our eye. There will be a good amount of sights that we won’t spoil for you.

Funnybones Ranch

hauntoween la ranch display
Photo by Stuff in LA.

A very neat Halloween-themed ranch house that has just the right balance of a spooky and cozy ambiance. We really enjoyed the skeleton horse who resided inside.

hauntoween los angeles
Photo by Stuff in LA.

Ghoul Town

haunt-o-ween los angeles
Photo by Stuff in LA.

Ghoul Town has a really cool cave-like entrance to a series of neat ghost displays. 

Photo by Stuff in LA.

Kids will probably like just looking at the cartoon-like structures and facades, and adults will likely enjoy getting some nice photo ops along the way.

Beyond the Grave Rave

haunt o'ween la
Photo by Stuff in LA.

Dance party included in the price of admission? Yes, it is!

In this neat dome is a rave-like experience complete with music, lights, and decorations galore. 

haunt o ween los angeles rave
Photo by Stuff in LA.

If you’re thinking about costumes, we saw tons of people dressed up in their Halloween costumes especially in here but also all scattered about the event, so it’s definitely encouraged to jump into yours and get into the Halloween spirit.

Town of Haunt O’Ween

hauntoween trick-or-treat
Photo by Stuff in LA.

One section that is quite notable is the Town of Haunt O’Ween, which essentially is a trick-or-treating station which is made up of a row of wonky houses. 

Kids and even adults can go house-to-house to get candy from the Haunt O’Ween employees who are dressed up in costumes.

The Fangtastic Fair

hauntoween carnival los angeles
Photo by Stuff in LA.

The last section was a carnival fair that has functional rides, games with prizes, food trucks, cotton candy, toys for sale, and plenty of photo opportunities. 

hauntoween cotton candy
Photo by Stuff in LA.

One ride in addition to the merry-go-round is a giant inflatable pumpkin slide.

hauntoween slide rides
Photo by Stuff in LA.

This is definitely going to be a winner for kids and will have plenty of interactive chances to really button up your visit.

hauntoween toys to buy
Photo by Stuff in LA.


Drinks are definitely available on sight for those of age. These beverages include beer, wine, and other tricks and treats as you’ll be able to pick your own poison.

hauntoween drinks alcohol
Photo by Stuff in LA.

We grabbed a nice little Octoberfest Sam Adams. Can’t go wrong with that.

hauntoween la beer
Photo by Stuff in LA.

Length of stay

hauntoween los angeles pumpkins
Photo by Stuff in LA.

Once you’re in, you can stay as long as you’d reasonably like. For us, we walked around a good 90 minutes fully satisfied, just taking in the scene and taking pictures along the way. 

The walking path itself will most likely take 45-60 minutes if you don’t really stop and do anything but just look at things. 

Basically, it’s just long enough, in our opinion.


hauntoween merch
Photo by Stuff in LA.

Parking is easy to find and readily available since it’s a mall parking lot and already built for large capacity.

When we got there, we were able to find parking immediately and then walked about 5 minutes to the entrance.

Buy tickets

To buy tickets, you can use the Fever app on Google Play if you have an Android and the Apple Store if you have an iPhone. 

You can also just go straight to the Fever website’s event page here to buy tickets.

Lastly, you can go directly to the event and buy tickets there, but be mindful that tickets can sell out if capacity is reached. It’s definitely safer to buy online.

Tickets essentially are comprised of General Admission for individuals, Group Bundles for groups of 10 or more, and VIP for those who want a slightly more premium experience (it includes express entry, skip-the-line privileges for rides and face painting, a branded trick-or-treat bucket, a voucher for popcorn and rice crispies). 

Tickets for individuals range from $36 to $48 depending on the date.

Hope all that info was helpful, and have a Happy Halloween!