Come for the Atmosphere, Stay for the Coffee: Commissary in Palms

A hip coffee joint in Palms, Los Angeles, Commissary is the place to be if you want some awesome hot and cold brews while being able to read a book, study, or grind (pun intended?).

WHERE: 3425 Motor Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90034

WHAT: Coffee, java, joe, brew, nitro, chill study spot

WHEN: Year-round

HOW MUCH: Expect to pay $3-5

PARKING: Street (metered) parking


Guest Writer: Tremaine
handsome asian male

Tremaine takes his coffee shaken, not stirred. Wait, that's not right.

I am not a coffee guy.

I will be the first to admit that. In fact, the cold brew I got at Commissary was only my third cup of coffee.

commissary logo black and white coffee


So, suffice to say, it's tough for me to really evaluate coffees. I feel like none of the ones I've had really blew me away, and I'm coming to the conclusion that I probably am a long way's away from liking coffee in general.

coffee and shoes heels cute

Disclaimer: not my feet.

Also, I will say this: the cold brew was cold. It was mildly strong for my palette, but I'm told it isn't that strong. For $3.50, it's decently pricey for a cup of coffee but not obscene. Even my unrefined palette could tell that it was definitely ground from some quality beans; the smell and aroma was absolutely fantastic and was worth it in itself.

man with parrots and coffee

You're liable to see anything here with their chill clientele—like this parrot who brought its owner!

I like the hipster modern decor; it's slightly industrial due to the metal used but also has a rustic feel due to some hits of wood. It's a neat place to chill out, and sometimes I hung out there with my roommate after we get a haircut down the street.

Also, it feels minimalist in this sense, and for that reason I think it's really great for studying or working on some stuff. It's a perfect place for a quiet Sunday morning that feels lazy but also is secretly productive. There's just something about a great coffee shop that really encourages work to be done.

cute girl with coffee nails

Dope nails with a dope drink.

But, like I said, I am not a coffee guy. Time to come and try it yourself!

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