Eaton Canyon Waterfall Hike in Pasadena / Altadena: Eaton Canyon Natural Area

Eaton Canyon Falls hike: there’s a waterfall you can hike to in Pasadena, Los Angeles. No, we’re serious.

By Aesthetic Andie

Eaton canyon falls pasadena sgc arcadia

You want to do something fun.

…Like maybe with your girlfriend or boyfriend or spouse or close friend or dog or whatever.

You don’t want to spend money.

…I mean, money is tight these days, and even if it’s not, should you even be paying for fun? That’s an idea you don’t like.

[wpws id=8]You want to do something, you know, exercise-y.

…But you don’t want to run on a treadmill. That’s boring. And besides, you might as well get some fresh air.

You realize it’s kind of hot outside though.

…Well, sun has those vitamin D things, right? It’s not bad. Put on some sunscreen and bring some water. No biggie.

You look up places to hike on Yelp.

…Why don’t you know this at the top of your head? Are you this sedentary? You feel a little bad inside, but might as well educate yourself now.

You find Eaton Canyon Natural Area.

…Oooh. It has a waterfall. In LA! That sounds so cool.

You and your company drive to Eaton Canyon.

…Traffic sucks. Driving sucks. You need a nicer car. But that also costs money. You feel a little more bad inside.

You park in the parking lot.

…There are a lot of people here! Am you even gonna get a spot?! You thought 9 A.M. was early enough! Aghhhh–WAIT, THAT GUY IS LEAVING! Does that mean he got here at 5?!

You get out into the hot sun.

…Oh man, it is hot. Is SPF 80 enough?

[wpws id=6]You start walking on the trail.

…Ugh, it’s so dusty. You probably should not have worn your fresh Nike Flyknits and instead gone with the beat-up New Balances. Sigh.

You take some breaks in the shade.

…Wow, there are actually trees here. And bushes. And things to look at. Pretty nice for a LA hike.

You get to the halfway point.

…Okay, that was tough, but really not even that bad at all. Was it tough because you’re out of shape? Oh no. Time to hit the treadmill more often.

You slip on a rock over a river.

…Ohhhhhhhh lord. These Flyknits will never be the same.

You reach the waterfall.

…Why is it so crowded here? Why is the waterfall so tiny? Why does the water look so dirty? Why is everyone having a huge family picnic here? Why…Oh, who cares. You made it. And the reward is still pretty neat.

You walk back.

…Walking back sucks! I’ve seen this all already, and all I have to look forward to is my car!

You realize something.

…The car isn’t so bad after all. Driving isn’t either. Or traffic. Just get out of this sun! The sunscreen must be decreasing in efficacy! Wait, who phrases it like that?

You get back to the car.

…That was pretty fun, actually. Your girlfriend or boyfriend or spouse or close friend or dog or whatever had fun too. You feel better inside.

And you also realize that maybe you think too much.