The Weird and Wacky Venice and Muscle Beach



What: Beach, boardwalk, photo op, date spot, hip, trendy, casual, walk, biking, shopping

When: Year-round

How much: Free

Parking: parking lots (fee) or street parking (meters); street parking recommended

When you think of Los Angeles beach, what do you think of?


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Maybe this?

Amo amo amo!!!! [2] ⛅️♥️

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How about this one?

I think when the next time @sarahkrystle & myself go back to this place I think I would be big enough to join in and have a #workout,I love this place,my idol Arnold showed them how to #lift #cantwait #america #musclebeach

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Or that?

If you said yes to either of those, then you definitely were thinking of Venice Beach (and of course, “Muscle Beach”, which is the open-air weight room featuring some of the most buff men and women you’ll ever see).

The fact of the matter is, the beach part of Venice Beach is only one part of the equation. Sure, it has nice sands and of course the nice waters LA is known for, but most of the fun is in walking down (or biking down or rollerskating down or skateboarding down…) the boardwalk of Venice Beach.

Colors unite us. #dogtowncrew @paulinaeriksson #skate #venicebeach #local #brand #dtcalva #alvasurfcraft #iamtorquato #livenow

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You’ll going to see tons of candy and ice cream shops, novelty apparel shops, sunglasses and trinket vendors, street performers (of varying degrees of entertainment), tandem bikes, lightly-clothed men and women, street basketball hoopers, and so much more. It’s really a sight to behold and classic LA.

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Check it out–and the next time think of an LA beach, you can put a name to it: Venice Beach.

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